Sodium hypochlorite

Healthy, clean, safe "water"

What is sodium hypochlorite?

It is the material name of a product called Lax, which is commonly sold on the market,
and is a representative disinfectant that replaces chlorine gas.
It is a substance generated by electrolysis of saltwater and is a chlorine disinfectant that eliminates
the risk of toxic gases and allows safe use.



The production of disinfectant by-products that are harmful to the human body during the production or storage of sodium hypochlorite is a big problem.

Representative materials include
chloride(ClO3-) bromate(BrO3-)

These substances are classified as cancer-causing substances that can disrupt human hormones, cause anemia, and cause thyroid cancer.

As a result, Hyclor researched and developed measures to reduce disinfectant by-products and finally created a 5th generation direct cooling method sodium hypochlorite generator that produces salts within 1 type of vehicle by the Ministry of Environment in 2020.